q’d xo

why are you liking this gemma

Why do people call Larry Lourry?

preference I think, I like larry as opposed to lourry

I morphed Louis and Matt Smith together. It looks like Nate from Fun.

He looks so smug

Harry golfing in Coachella today

How can I submit the pic to u

for future tour pictures

Are you going to post the link to the new blog when you're ready?

yes in fact you can go there now

I am working on the links and everything but I have a theme and ask set up 

I need to figure out how to set up everything else like organization

I have it as concerts, updates, and links but I don’t know if that’s a good way to go 

I just morphed Louis and Matt Smith from Doctor Who together and it came out looking exactly like Nate from Fun. I'm terrified

pics or it didn’t happen

i think wwadirectory sounds better :)

that seems to be the consensus and what I’ll go with, I have a theme now yay

@laraf1234: Autograph 💕 @Louis_Tomlinson #snookerworldchampionship #louistomlinson